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Azure App Service & Azure Functions SKU Comparison Matrix, plus Application Insights

In case you hadn’t noticed, Azure Functions builds on Azure App Service, through the open source KuduWebJobs and ‘Functions’ environments. Thus, extra powerful and mature features from these platforms are available to the Functions developer. However, as Cory Fowler pointed out recently the number of App Service SKUs makes it complicated to figure out which App Service features are available in which version (SKU), including the Functions consumption plan.

So here’s a really useful Feature Comparison Matrix from Cory. It makes it easy to tell which App Service features are usable from Functions.

In addition, as Chris Anderson demonstrates, the powerful Azure Application Insights feature can be used with Functions, all-be-it with some rough edges and limitations. Thankfully, an early preview of Application Insights for Functions is now available through a beta version of the Functions extension (though it’s NSFP – not suitable for production).

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