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Welcome to AzureServerless

“Serverless” architectures and patterns using the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

Microsoft Azure Functions and LogicApps are the core of Microsoft’s Serverless offering. Both build upon the power and flexibility of other Azure elements, including AppServices. In addition,  Flow is a simplified version of LogicApps aimed at “citizen coders” and other non developers. We in the AzureServerless community are here to ensure you’re up-to-date with everything you need know about these powerful and exciting technologies.

Serverless Architecture is generating much interest and there are clear benefits to be gained from it’s event-driven, stateless, on demand, business logic patterns. Costs can be dramatically reduced by letting others manage the lower levels of the hardware and software stack supporting your applications and services. Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides Serverless with power and flexibility that is “enterprise quality and startup friendly”. We love it.

AzureServerless’ mission is to help you get to grips with Azure Serverless features.

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We provide blog posts and content on the key Microsoft Azure Serverless technologies and techniques while providing updates as Microsoft release them. We’ll help you to get started and then achieve the most with Microsoft’s Azure features for Serverless. We also highlight best practices with example code and solutions to problems.  To keep you up to date we ensure you have the latest news and views from others working on and with Azure Serverless.

Developers using Serverless Architectures have found it is a great solution for Lean Agile development of features with minimum DevOps. It’s great for Web and Mobile Apps or cloud workflow scripting fixes. Azure Functions offers powerful local development and remote debugging features. Plus if you need it, all the power of Azure is available to you for those occasions when Serverless isn’t enough and you need to use PaaS, or even IaaS.

Serverless Architecture is itself relatively new and it can be difficult to get clarity of the best practices, how to reap the benefits and which areas need careful attention.  Additionally, Functions and LogicApps are still fairly new members of the Azure stable, with Functions and LogicApps both recently being formally released for General Availability (GA, as Microsoft call it). Thus, the features and the way they interact with other Azure services are still evolving. As a result, it can be hard to figure the best way to develop Serverless on Azure or keep track of current features and issues. Indeed, Azure has many services on offer and only some fit well in a Serverless Architecture. We are here to help.

A simple “On demand Image thumbnail generator” is the “Hello World example” of Serverless but complex business logic workflows and Microservice backends are relatively easy to create with Azure.  There’s no need to be concerned with the complexities of scaled server deployment management as Microsoft Manage it.  Also, updates and security are fully managed for you. Costs are low due to Pay on Use billing. Scaling to meet user demand just happens. This leaves you free to concentrate on developing features that  directly add value for your users and makes them happy. We show you how.

Both Azure Functions and LogicApps clearly demonstrate Microsoft’s new open developer friendly ethos. Both projects can be found on GitHub and Functions has been practising open development from the start.

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