Screencast of Maavis and Cloud4All integration

I finally put up a short screencast of Maavis in use. This also demonstrates how integration with Cloud4All provides automatic personalisation of settings based on a token that identifies the user. Cloud4All is an EU project that is implementing part of the GPII personalisation infrastructure.

To record I used CamStudio on Windows and the slight echo seems to be a result of turning on preview of the microphone in Windows and using the CamStudio option of recording from ‘speakers’. This allowed both my voice and Maavis synthetic speech to be mixed and recorded. You get a slight delay in hearing your voice as you record, no doubt due to double latency, but I found I got used to it.

I also made life a little harder for myself as Maavis and Cloud4All are running in a Virtual Machine (using the VMWare player). Running CamStudio in the same VM killed the response and Maavis took forever to run. So I ran CamStudio in the Host OS and recorded the VM window.

YouTube thought I was using widescreen, which I was not. This may have been because I had not full screened the VM window so the hight was reduced. However I also have my Windows TaskBar on the left whic halso reduces the widht. Who knows, I don’t think it has any practical effect.

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