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“I don’t care about the OS, just give me my web Apps”

So I tweeted in jest to Bruce Lawson today in a conversation about Progressive Web Apps in the aftermath of the excellent WebProgressions one-day conference. And then I realised, I actually meant it! My point is that as a user … Continue reading

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CKEditor Accessibility Checker for content authors

Here’s a mini review after a quick play with a preview of the new CKEditor Accessibility Checker plugin for content creators. The plugin is provided by CKSource who lead the development of the open source CKEditor and provide additional commercial grade … Continue reading

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I’m liking Microsoft again

After watching the key notes and selected sessions from Microsoft #Build2015 over on Channel 9 I’m definitely liking Microsoft again. This new found affection is form largely from the perspective of a HTML developer and to some extent as an … Continue reading

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Symbols for AAC using SVG and a RESTful web API

A good few years ago I hooked up with Garry Paxton who needed some development support for a charity website.  He had created to provide Speech and Language Therapists access to a new and freely available symbol set. Symbols … Continue reading

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After a 5 year gap I returned to the CSUN conference and for the 30th celebration no less. I have always enjoyed CSUN as a great place to meet up with accessibility and Assistive Technology people as well as soaking … Continue reading

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Cloud4All – providing automatic personalisation of access technologies

The Cloud4All project has just undertaken it’s important penultimate review with EC, something of a milestone for any FP7 project. This is a good time to take stock and see where the project is at. This especially true for Clou4All … Continue reading

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Help: I bricked my Firefox OS device by enabling the Accessibility Screen Reader!

Well you would fiddle, wouldn’t you! 😉 The screen reader feature as introduced in Firefox OS 1.3 is experimental – hence it is burried away in the developer settings. If you are not familiar with mobile screen readers you will … Continue reading

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Revo Pixis RS internet/DAB/FM radio review

I just received a shiny new Rivo Pixis RS digital radio direct from Revo and after using it for a short while I felt it definitely deserved a review. What follows is my initial impressions after setting it up and using … Continue reading

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Apple again raise the accessibility bar with OS X switch control

One of the least promoted features in the Mavericks release of OS X, but in my view one of the most important, is the built-in switch access. Why? Well, one of the least supported group of people are those who … Continue reading

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Screencast of Maavis and Cloud4All integration

I finally put up a short screencast of Maavis in use. This also demonstrates how integration with Cloud4All provides automatic personalisation of settings based on a token that identifies the user. Cloud4All is an EU project that is implementing part … Continue reading

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