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At last — true grids in web browsers

I’ve moved over to medium – here’s my first post “At last — True grids in web browsers“

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AWS, Azure or Firebase for a SPA browser app? Nope, it’s Kinvey

[Update 2016/06/07:  I eventually found Azure to be lacking, though this did lead me to explore the excellent Auth0 for authentication. To be honest all three offerings are currently pretty much a bunch of ‘beta bits’, an apt phrase coined … Continue reading

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On Recovering Windows 8.1 when it goes wrong

tl;dr; After a double disaster with my workhorse Windows 8.1 laptop I’ve been exploring the easy ways to create a usable backup image of my system when set up to my liking. The Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) turns out … Continue reading

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Sara Soueidan on Improving SVG on the web

Following on from my last 2 posts; Symbols for AAC using SVG and a RESTful web API and I’m liking Microsoft again here’s an excellent video session from the recent Microsoft Edge web Summit. In ‘On the Edge with SVG‘ Sara Soueidan reviews the state of … Continue reading

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GPII contributors and Tiger Team enhance work of Cloud4All and Prosperity4All

The development of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) international accessibility infrastructure is progressing apace. Our work in the EC FP7 Cloud4All (C4A) project has just completed its 3rd year and achieved a successful review. The sibling project, Prosperity4All (P4A), … Continue reading

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Flashing Mozilla Firefox OS Flame Phone on Windows

tl;dr the file used to flash Firefox OS nightly builds t to phones such as the Flame now works on Cygwin on Windows. The reason for previous failure and the solution highlight a difference between Linux and Windows. Mozilla’s … Continue reading

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Setting up home and office networks with a single line and with wifi extension

tl;dr It is straight forward to connect a second Ethernet WAN modem/router/AP to a BT home hub (or other primary router) and configure it as a separate, independent LAN (TCP/IP subnet). A 3rd Wireless AP/Router can then used as a Wi-Fi client (or alternatively a bridge) … Continue reading

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ZTE Open – upgrading to Firefox OS 1.2

[Continued in Success! Firefox OS 1.4 built and running on ZTE Open] I’ve just bought a ZTE Open phone with the intention of exploring Firefox OS, Mozilla’s new HTML-based, fully open mobile operating system. The idea was that at £54 … Continue reading

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Free international SAPI voices from Microsoft

Either this is a well kept secret of I’ve been asleep, but I’ve only just found Microsoft provide easy access to the SAPI voices provided with other language versions of Windows. The following is the case in my Windows 8.1 Pro … Continue reading

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Revo Pixis RS internet/DAB/FM radio review

I just received a shiny new Rivo Pixis RS digital radio direct from Revo and after using it for a short while I felt it definitely deserved a review. What follows is my initial impressions after setting it up and using … Continue reading

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