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Using reactive streams on serverless with cyclejs, xstream and Azure Functions

[ Update 2016-10-23 the code is now in the cyclejs community repo] During development of my latest SaaS product, Brian, I’ve settled on a couple of key architectural decisions. For the Frontend I’m using Reactive programming (RP) with streams and … Continue reading

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Is the web getting less webby and will serverless make it worse?

[Title inspired by a quote from Scott Hanselman on Serverless with Azure Functions ‘It’s as close to “cloudy” as The Cloud can get’] There’s some big changes happening in web land that are fuelled by rapid app framework developments and … Continue reading

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Free and easy HTTPS certificates with CDN with Kloudsec

HTTPS is a ‘must have’ for any web service, SPA or progressive web application and so it is naturally high on my list of things to get to grips with. As a first step for the Brian project I’m creating … Continue reading

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More on portable npm scripts

Following on from my earlier post on the topic of writing portable npm scripts, here’s a few more useful tips. [UPDATE 2016/03/31: Bash for Windows was announced at Microsoft Build 2016. This exciting feature will allow running of Linux npm … Continue reading

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Writing portable npm build scripts

tl;dr; Developers need to install and build Javascript NPM modules on Windows as well as *nix. With a little care this is possible without using heavyweights tools like Grunt and Gulp . Modern HTML development usually includes a build and deploy process similar … Continue reading

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Dealing with Windows text line endings in git

Text line endings on Windows: Still painful after all these years Once upon a time, in the days of Microsoft MS-DOS development one of main pain points and source of bugs was the distinction between text and binary files. When … Continue reading

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Working with Windows native code from node.js

[UPDATE 02 Feb 2016: While this post discusses Win32 access, here’s an interesting option for UWP access from JXCore that should eventually work with nodejs when the Microsoft PR for Chakra is merged.] While the node.js ecosystem provides an amazing … Continue reading

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Flashing Firefox OS onto a Flame with Windows

Since being involved in the Mozilla Tablet Contribution Program I’ve seen community members often asked about flashing and building on Windows. This seems to be a something of a FAQ for both the ‘flatfish’ tablet and ‘flame’ reference phone, and … Continue reading

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Flashing Mozilla Firefox OS Flame Phone on Windows

tl;dr the file used to flash Firefox OS nightly builds t to phones such as the Flame now works on Cygwin on Windows. The reason for previous failure and the solution highlight a difference between Linux and Windows. Mozilla’s … Continue reading

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Sending emails with PHP on cheap hosting

Many cheap or free share hosting services block the PHP mail() function so it silently does nothing. For example, I just added a contact form to a small WordPress based web site for a friend but it didn’t work as … Continue reading

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