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Free and easy HTTPS certificates with CDN with Kloudsec

HTTPS is a ‘must have’ for any web service, SPA or progressive web application and so it is naturally high on my list of things to get to grips with. As a first step for the Brian project I’m creating … Continue reading

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CKEditor Accessibility Checker for content authors

Here’s a mini review after a quick play with a preview of the new CKEditor Accessibility Checker plugin for content creators. The plugin is provided by CKSource who lead the development of the open source CKEditor and provide additional commercial grade … Continue reading

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On Converting a VM from VMWare to VIrtualBox

In short, don’t! It’s way too much hassle. It’s so much easier to create a new identical VM in VirtualBox and set it to use the same virtual disk file (.vmdk). I  expect this applies when moving VMs in the … Continue reading

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User experiences for low digital literacy and cognitive disabilities with Firefox

[Update 2014-02-15] I’ve just discovered Mozilla X-Tag that allows extension elements to be created much like XBL. It’s a library rather than native browser implementation (’till W3C Web Components land) and I’m not sure if it allows nesting and inheritance which I … Continue reading

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Sending emails with PHP on cheap hosting

Many cheap or free share hosting services block the PHP mail() function so it silently does nothing. For example, I just added a contact form to a small WordPress based web site for a friend but it didn’t work as … Continue reading

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What programming experience should a good programmer have?

I was recently asked Which languages [and tools] do you consider a competent/experienced and useful programmer would have ability to programme in these days. Especially for personal computers, tablets and/or smart phones. That’s an interesting question and I gave it … Continue reading

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SS12 EU Student assistive technology competition a success at AAATE conference

[Updated 23/09/2013 – added posters, code and photograph] The second SS12 EU assistive technology (AT) competition held as part of the  AAATE 2013 conference culminated in the announcement of the winning student team as part of the closing session. As with the previous SS12 EU during ICCHP, … Continue reading

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HTML apps and the 50 year software engineering legecy

I no longer call myself a ‘software engineer‘ but I do consider it to be a vital part of my career background. To my mind, engineering provides the rigour and discipline aspects of being a developer, the other parts being … Continue reading

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Screencast of Maavis and Cloud4All integration

I finally put up a short screencast of Maavis in use. This also demonstrates how integration with Cloud4All provides automatic personalisation of settings based on a token that identifies the user. Cloud4All is an EU project that is implementing part … Continue reading

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Developing programs designed for AT users

It can be a challenging enough to develop programs (and apps) that provide a first class user experience for users of Assistive Technology (AT) such as screen readers. There are plenty of examples of programs ‘out there’ with varying degrees … Continue reading

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