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On Recovering Windows 8.1 when it goes wrong

tl;dr; After a double disaster with my workhorse Windows 8.1 laptop I’ve been exploring the easy ways to create a usable backup image of my system when set up to my liking. The Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) turns out … Continue reading

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On Converting a VM from VMWare to VIrtualBox

In short, don’t! It’s way too much hassle. It’s so much easier to create a new identical VM in VirtualBox and set it to use the same virtual disk file (.vmdk). I  expect this applies when moving VMs in the … Continue reading

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BBC publish draft mobile accessibility guidelines to address developer ‘assumptions’

Whilst guidelines for web accessibility have been in existence for several years and are slowly evolving, until now there has been a lack of best practices targeted specifically at the additional complications of mobile accessibility (web or native). This is … Continue reading

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Accessing local resources from a Win8 app HTML web context

Javascript Windows 8 App Store apps (AKA Modern apps AKA Metro apps) are strongly sandboxed and one of the effects of this is that access to local resources is tightly restricted to a small set of clearly de-marked locations. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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