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“I don’t care about the OS, just give me my web Apps”

So I tweeted in jest to Bruce Lawson today in a conversation about Progressive Web Apps in the aftermath of the excellent WebProgressions one-day conference. And then I realised, I actually meant it! My point is that as a user … Continue reading

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Symbols for AAC using SVG and a RESTful web API

A good few years ago I hooked up with Garry Paxton who needed some development support for a charity website.  He had created to provide Speech and Language Therapists access to a new and freely available symbol set. Symbols … Continue reading

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Accessing local resources from a Win8 app HTML web context

Javascript Windows 8 App Store apps (AKA Modern apps AKA Metro apps) are strongly sandboxed and one of the effects of this is that access to local resources is tightly restricted to a small set of clearly de-marked locations. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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