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“I don’t care about the OS, just give me my web Apps”

So I tweeted in jest to Bruce Lawson today in a conversation about Progressive Web Apps in the aftermath of the excellent WebProgressions one-day conference. And then I realised, I actually meant it! My point is that as a user … Continue reading

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More on portable npm scripts

Following on from my earlier post on the topic of writing portable npm scripts, here’s a few more useful tips. [UPDATE 2016/03/31: Bash for Windows was announced at Microsoft Build 2016. This exciting feature will allow running of Linux npm … Continue reading

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Working with Windows native code from node.js

[UPDATE 02 Feb 2016: While this post discusses Win32 access, here’s an interesting option for UWP access from JXCore that should eventually work with nodejs when the Microsoft PR for Chakra is merged.] While the node.js ecosystem provides an amazing … Continue reading

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Safari tab key navigation disabled by default

For some bizarre reason tab key navigation is turned off by default in the Mac Safari web browser. By this I mean hitting the tab key repeatedly does not visit each interactive element on the page. This lack is a … Continue reading

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