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Is the web getting less webby and will serverless make it worse?

[Title inspired by a quote from Scott Hanselman on Serverless with Azure Functions ‘It’s as close to “cloudy” as The Cloud can get’] There’s some big changes happening in web land that are fuelled by rapid app framework developments and … Continue reading

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HTML apps and the 50 year software engineering legecy

I no longer call myself a ‘software engineer‘ but I do consider it to be a vital part of my career background. To my mind, engineering provides the rigour and discipline aspects of being a developer, the other parts being … Continue reading

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Accessing local resources from a Win8 app HTML web context

Javascript Windows 8 App Store apps (AKA Modern apps AKA Metro apps) are strongly sandboxed and one of the effects of this is that access to local resources is tightly restricted to a small set of clearly de-marked locations. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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