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Is the web getting less webby and will serverless make it worse?

[Title inspired by a quote from Scott Hanselman on Serverless with Azure Functions ‘It’s as close to “cloudy” as The Cloud can get’] There’s some big changes happening in web land that are fuelled by rapid app framework developments and … Continue reading

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What programming experience should a good programmer have?

I was recently asked Which languages [and tools] do you consider a competent/experienced and useful programmer would have ability to programme in these days. Especially for personal computers, tablets and/or smart phones. That’s an interesting question and I gave it … Continue reading

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BBC publish draft mobile accessibility guidelines to address developer ‘assumptions’

Whilst guidelines for web accessibility have been in existence for several years and are slowly evolving, until now there has been a lack of best practices targeted specifically at the additional complications of mobile accessibility (web or native). This is … Continue reading

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